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Oct 26th

Glacially Slow Coding

Despite having shifted my personal schedule towards (very) early mornings, I’ve managed to sneak in a fair amount of experimental stuff in the evenings.

Some of it is systems programming stuff tangentially related to work (like a minimalist SAPO Broker client written in Go, which I expect to finish next week), and other goes straight off the deep end (like my stab at porting Clojure transducers to Python, which is sure to take a while longer).

And then there’s… oh, let’s see… sushy, a little hacking on Cura, a reference template I’m putting together for a training session (and its accompanying utilities library), our digital signage server, which needs some front-end updates, and a half-dozen other little projects in private BitBucket repos, all of them going days (sometimes weeks) without a commit, but never truly halted.

But some are simply lots of fun. Like Arcadia, which brings together two of my favorite things (3D graphics and Clojure). I set it up on Tuesday evening and I’ve already re-written part of the C# graph stuff I did a few months back. I’m now stuck on some Unity quirks (I need a nice way to highlight active nodes), so I decided to put that aside for a bit.

Speaking of .NET, I still haven’t had time to get to grips with Ocaml/F# in earnest, but this weekend I decided to at least get up to speed on building Mono for ARM like I planned back in May, and am now trying to get vNext to work on my ARM boxes with moderate success — one that’s done I’ll tackle getting F# (and ClojureCLR) to run.

At this rate, I really ought to have it running by now. But I might need a few extra weekends, especially now that my brand new 3D printer developed what appears to be a thermistor fault — more on that later in the week, perhaps.

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